Grab a FREE, Signed Copy of ‘Tiny Mirrors’

We’ve printed 200 copies of our latest CD Tiny Mirrors – and we’Re giving them away for free! 

Some things in life are just worth more than money.

Particularly the subtle things that light the way through our day like that delicious treat, that fru-fru coffee drink, that compliment from your client or boss, the smell of freshly cut grass or the sun splashing colors all across the sky as dusk draws near.

Our latest album, Tiny Mirrors, is one of those subtle things that can spark joy throughout your day and not just help you live, but thrive.

So, since it’s worth more than money, we thought we’d offer you the chance to capture it for free.

All you have to pay for is the shipping.

There honestly is no better way to pick yourself up in the morning, get yourself through the mid-afternoon slump, jazz yourself up for weekend warrior excursions, or pump yourself up to go tear it up on a Saturday night (even if it’s in your own living room). 

You can take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, and grab your free copy now. Once you pop it in your earbuds or on your portable speaker, you’ll keep it on repeat as you discover that it truly is the soundtrack of your life.

This special edition CD is limited to 200 signed copies, and includes 16 original tracks.


1) Intro
2) Almost Human
3) Black Swan
4) Future Is Now
5) Firefly Interlude
6) Corners of our Mind
7) Green Candle
8) Space Invader
9) Symphonic Interlude
10) Paranoid
11) Falling From the Sky
12) No Fly Zone
13) Space Highway Interlude
14) The Vapors
15) Spill It Out
16) Drop In The Bucket





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