New Album Coming Along, Live Shows Coming Soon

It’s been a minute since The New Up has posted a note about what we’re up to, and that’s because we’ve been locked in the laboratory practicing musical alchemy and cooking up new music to intoxicate and inspire us and all of you. Oh man are we excited to put this out into the world and your ears! This new album is turning out to be more psychedelic than any other we’ve created, and the beats are fatter than a Sumo wrestler on steroids. Expect the first single to drop a little later this year, sometime in the spring if all goes according to our plan, with the full album slated for release in late summer/early fall. Big shout out to our publishers Rough Trade for all the great work they’ve been doing as well, and we’re excited to hand this new album to them to see what they can do with it.

We get the question “when are you going to play live shows again?” a lot and we’re happy to address that here. We used to tour and record concurrently and that turned out to be extremely stressful because of the intensity of each on its own. We do pop our heads out of the studio from time to time for one-off shows here and there, but for the most part we try to stay in the creative space when we’re recording and then shift to performance mode once we’re back to touring. So the answer to that question is that we’ll be touring again in the summer – after we’ve finished the album and lined up everything for the release – with more touring in the fall and on into the beginning and middle of 2020.

With the election coming in 2020, we plan to be as active as possible in getting the word out to vote, and spreading the word about how crucial it is that we put this country back on a path to morality and decency. A show in our hometown of San Francisco will be in order first, as we are so grateful for and appreciative of our dedicated fans in the fantabulous Bay Area. From there, you’ll see us all over the U.S. We’ve got our sights on doing some international touring in Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, but we’ll have to see how things go to determine how feasible that will be.

Stay tuned for more info on all of this, as well as the launch of a brand new and marvelously upgraded website, some superfun and useful new TNU merchandise, and a bunch of brand new promo shots.

Other fun stuff:

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  • Check out one of our fave songs from ‘Tiny Mirrors‘, “Future Is Nowhere
  • See the youngest member of The New Up family groove to her first TNU concert here
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Thanks, and we’ll see you soon!