Our New Website (and dealing with “Perfectionism”)

We’ve been working our little butts off behind the scenes on many things, and one of them is our new website.

I know you probably don’t think websites are all that cool these days, what with social media and whatnot. However, this was a labor of love and I learned a s#*t ton on building a website. Yet most of the heavy lifting was done by the very talented and patient, Erin O’Brien, at www.eobconsulting.com. I love working with women that really know their stuff and are great collaborators and teachers simultaneously.

Please explore it! Let us know what you think! What works, what could be improved upon…we’d love to hear.

A lesson: don’t wait for everything to be “perfect” or you’ll never start or launch or take that risk. I have a tendency to do this. This is not to negate being thorough, making sure everything works and is functional, but there is a fear around failure for me.

When putting something out into the world-analyzing, worrying and having fear around it not being “perfect” has been my M.O. Perfect does not exist. I now try to be present in every step of the process with a curious outlook and trust in myself and the creative journey. As I’m shedding this notion of what “perfect” is, I’m striving for authenticity and my personal best instead.