PhotoShoot Magic


Creativity comes in so many forms, and almost all of them are fun if you come at them from the right angle. And angles are what it’s all about when you’re trying to get some great shots of a band. Thanks to our dear friends and professional confidants, Josh Miller (Photographer), Rebecca Vandersteen (stylist/makeup) and Wild Feather (Wardrobe – Ummm, the coolest clothing store you’ll ever be ecstatic you went into), not to mention the folks at Seaplane Adventures in Sausalito we had a wallaby of  a time getting some amazing shots. There is so much great stuff to share with you that we’ve gotta spend a little time going through it all, but we can’t wait to toss a few out there to see what sticks! We’ll be counting on some fan interactions and feedback to let us know which ones are really eye catching, and we have a few faves of our own. 🙂

Lots more exciting stuff is happening behind the scenes in our world, getting ready to explode back into your consciousness with mind altering and expanding aural adventures. Hit us up on social media if you have any questions or wanna demand a sneak peak of something. Who knows, we might just indulge a lucky few of you! We love you guys with all our hearts, and it’s important that we acknowledge when we make music we don’t make it for you, we make it with you! That’s because the music we’re making is just our way of processing the world around us as we experience it – with all of you. And what a crazy world it is.