After Innumerable Glowing Reviews, “Tiny Mirrors” Can Officially Be Described As “Critically Acclaimed”

In this polarized world where there is rarely unanimous agreement on anything – even something as trivial as what color looks better on Kim Kardashian – it’s simply astounding that after dozens and dozens of reviews of The New Up‘s latest album, ‘Tiny Mirrors’, the consensus is that it’s an excellent album with so much to offer that it requires multiple listens just to wade into the shallow end of the emotional pool contained in it’s musings. The band certainly seems to have some of their faves, and a good portion of the reviews also include interviews that give intriguing insights into not only what the band was thinking as they wrote the music, but what was happening in their lives during the process and the events happening in the world around them that had the biggest influence. Of course, listening to the words in many of the songs on ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ can give you some pretty good clues as to what the music is about, and there is no shortage of reflections on many of the events that we’ve all been experiencing together. But ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ goes beyond just reflecting what’s going on in our world; it’s a rare pop culture glimpse into the inner workings of our own souls. It not only ponders where we are and how we got here, it also explores how we can get to where we wanna go from this deeply terrifying time we live in.

Perhaps it is this deeper musing that has given so many critics the impetus to laud the new album. Or perhaps it’s simply the fact that on a visceral level, “Tiny Mirrors” delivers something many of us long for these days: an admission of how difficult the position we currently find ourselves in while still remaining steadfastly committed to not allowing it to break our spirits. After all, ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ isn’t just a diagnosis of the ills of the world we live in today, it’s an emotional road map to finding the strength to deal with it on an every day level, and to turn the challenges into opportunities to make things better and reflect the world we wanna see. To all of those authentic souls who have taken the time to really listen to ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ and spill ink on its behalf: the band thanks you for adding another voice to the chorus that has made ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ “critically acclaimed”.