After Successful Release of ‘Tiny Mirrors’, TNU Goes Back Into Studio For Next Recording Session

Although the push to get ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ out into the world is far from over, The New Up has begun turning some of its attention to writing and recording their next body of musical work. There have been no shortage of intense world and personal events surrounding the band, and the need to turn their emotional response into art has forced ES Pitcher and Noah Reid to put down what they’re feeling in the form of new music. With a clear vision of what is musically to come next, a new and unprecedented level of inspiration and cohesion is taking root in The New Up‘s studio. Fans can expect to hear something that builds on ‘Tiny Mirrors‘, but also highlights some of the band’s largely unexplored musical and lyrical influences and inspirations.

Expect to NOT have to wait for a complete album before you get new music in your ears from The New Up on this next release. Some of the stuff that’s going on in the studio as we speak is going to be made available in advance – particularly for fans – to enjoy prior to the full release. Signing up for our email list on our home page or liking our page on facebook will ensure that you have the chance to check it out the moment it’s out. In the meantime, there’s so much to unpack on ‘Tiny Mirrors‘, it’s worth taking another listen when you’re hanging around the house, driving in your car, working out, or just hanging with friends enjoying some drinks!