AXS Review Says Tiny Mirrors Is “Filled With Introspective Intent and Raw Emotion”

In another revealing interview published on Atlanta’s AXS – news outlet for entertainment giant AEG group – The New Up opens up about personal losses and gains that influenced the musical and lyrical content of the album. Writer Lindsey Borders sat down with the band and discussed what she called their “most honest works to date“. They discuss producer Jack Frost, who was the first outside producer to work with the band, and how that process went.


The interview sheds some light on why The New Up chose to make the kind of music they made on “Tiny Mirrors“, with an in-depth look at their approach to how they make those decisions. ES Pitcher and Noah Reid also discussed some differences they see between the between the West and East Coasts as they tour around the country, and they discuss what they love most about the grueling act of touring. Reid explained that “The ability to directly connect with fans is an amazing experience“, going on to say that “Being on stage is one of those situations where you’re having a conversation without words with a whole group of people, and you’re literally feeding off of the energy that they’re giving you.” You can check out the entire interview HERE.