Bolinas Muy Bonitas, New Tour Dates To Be Announced

At a recent show at Smiley’s Schooner Saloon in Bolinas, California, The New Up took to the stage to rock a more intimate venue than they typically grace. At first glance, this represents some potential dangers that don’t exist in the larger venues they usually play. Believe it or not, when fans are up close and personal like this, a lot of unintended consequences can occur. But there’s one unintended (or intended!) consequence that was ever-present in the air Saturday night at Smiley’s that was a different kind of dangerous: people just absolutely got down and dirty on the dance floor. A packed room of some of the band’s most diehard fans was bound to inevitably lead to this outcome, and it was nothing short of a raucous, rocking good time. There’s something about that beachside roadhouse that draws the listener – and the performer – into a state of euphoria. Fun and freedom permeated every pore of every show-goer in a way that harkens back to the pre-9/11 days. For a small moment in time, those in attendance forgot about all of their worldly worries and shook all of their cares off and onto the dance floor, where their dancing feet ground them into little specks of dust to be returned to the earth and eventually reborn into something more constructive and creative.

The New Up extends its most sincere gratitude to everyone who came out and made it such an amazing night. The band will not soon forget the love that enveloped that space and time, and it’s all the more motivation to do it even better next time, to keep writing music that connects with you, the fan, the listener, the ponderer… and doing everything in our power to foster the positive change that results from the feelings inside of you that are screaming to come out and smack oppression and negativity in the face.

The band is also happy to announce that more tour dates are in the works, this time taking them into the interior West. As many of you know and have insistently commented, they haven’t been to the interior West in a bit, so one can only hope that the pressure and demand that has built up for them in this area of the US will result in an explosion of beautiful music and feelings of love and inspiration. Dates are in the works for May, so stay tuned for more information as new dates will be announced here first.