Brooklyn Show Preview/Feature Says Concertgoers Can “Expect To Walk Away Wholly Satisfied and Invigorated”

In a preview for The New Up’s show at Union Hall in Brooklyn, renowned NY music blog Musical Notes Global interviews ES Pitcher and Noah Reid about everything from what the group is trying to convey with their new album “Tiny Mirrors” to what the band loves about touring around the country. The article accurately characterizes the message of the band and the music by stating that “at this historic moment in time that sees the country divided in a way that feels almost irreparable, the duo acts as a voice of encouragement with their new work, advocating for the unification of self and of society.”

In addition to covering some very pertinent and topical subjects in their conversation, the article includes a custom video message from Reid and Pitcher inviting YOU to come to the show. Check out the full article here. Show starts at 8:30 pm, hope to see you there!