Brooklyn Show Review Paints Perfect Picture In Your Ear, Explains Why You Can’t Miss A TNU Show

There is something about bringing great recorded music to a live setting that offers all kinds of exciting possibilities for having a soul-touching experience. When it comes to The New Up, this is especially true, as is so poignantly outlined in the latest review of their show in Brooklyn last Thursday night. If you read the article and then close your eyes you will literally feel like you are at the show having a religious experience.

Diandre, who also did an absolutely amazing 2 part interview with The New Up a couple of months ago about their new album ‘Tiny Mirrors’ (which can be read here and here), simply has a way with words that brings you into the same room with whatever subject matter she happens to be discussing, and makes you look it straight in the eye and do some self-reflection. In the review, she exclaims that “clean, crisp, and captivating were three words that crossed my mind as the dynamic duo handed everyone ‘tiny mirrors’/ songs to look at the world.”

She goes on to capture in words aspects of The New Up’s live performance that make it such a unique experience, pointing out that the band members were “shaking their torsos as if shaking themselves helped release their notes”. She further paints the sonic picture for readers by writing that “there is something sincerely magnetic about women who KICK BUTT, and ES felt like she could take on the world with a voice that is like a battle cry from Wonder Woman…she moves her body with precision and pizzazz, and having a glitter blue ensemble certainly added to her super-heroine aura.”

Check out the full, unabridged text of the review here, and enjoy!