East Coast Leg of ‘Tiny Mirrors’ Tour Huge Success

If you happen to live in one of the cities where The New Up played on their recent East Coast tour and you were able to catch the show, you’re probably still humming tunes from their latest offering, ‘Tiny Mirrors’ and feeling like the world is a little more manageable than before. If you missed it, there are no words that can describe what happened each night of the tour, except to say that their was a completely genuine connection between the audience and the band that was not only palpable, but which transcended time and space. Fans came out in droves to find out what critics, radio DJs, bloggers, and music industry folks already know: The New Up has genuine substance and grit. News features and live show reviews that were written up for shows in each of the cities gave fans a clue as to what they could expect, but unless you were in the room feeling the sonic wave of The New Up’s music wash over you and infiltrate your every molecule, it’s impossible to glean the entire story. The moral of the story is a simple one: if you were unlucky enough to have missed the show this time around, next time they come to your town, “don’t let it happen”.