Front Page News Feature Touts Political Aspects of Tiny Mirrors

As the band rolled up to Eugene last Saturday night they were pleased to see their faces all over the cover of Eugene’s primary news periodical: The Eugene Register-Guard. Entitled “The New Up channels the effects of politics on modern culture“, the article compares the political nature of “Tiny Mirrors” to that of songs like Buffalo Springfield’s iconic “For What It’s Worth”.

In addition to being a review of “Tiny Mirrors“, there is a component of the article that is an interview with guitarist Noah Reid, who explains how the political climate contributed to the way the album turned out. Reid explains in the article that the message of the album was meant to “let people know that they shouldn’t let other people make the rules for them, they shouldn’t accept what people tell them blindly and they should think for themselves“. He goes on to say that “we wanted to represent the broad range of emotions that people feel on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, even throughout their whole life, and kind of connect with the complexity of feelings that we all go through.

Well, Mr. Reid, I believe you and the band have succeeded in conveying that message. Check out the full interview here. And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the entire album, you can get your copy here.