New Noise Magazine Reviews ‘Tiny Mirrors’, Says It’s “Dreamy”

In another glowing review of ‘Tiny Mirrors’, New Noise Magazine analyzes the spirit of the musical and lyrical landscapes explored by The New Up on their freshly minted pseudo-concept album. Author Tom Haugen reflects on his reaction to giving it an attentive few spins with genuine curiosity and a wide open mind, eyes, and heart; explaining that the band “knows a thing or two about bright synth and reverb friendly guitars, as they collide the charged moments of rock and electronica”. He further elaborates on that concept, proclaiming that “their strong sense of melody and versatile approach to indie-rock leave an indelible mark”.

It’s amazing how many articles that have been written about ‘Tiny Mirrors’ have hit the head on the nail in so many interesting and unique ways, and New Noise Mag continues that trend with this excellent and intuitive review. Check out the full text of the article here, and if you haven’t listened to the album in full all the way through, you should definitely go on Pandora, Spotify, itunes, or whatever platform you usually use to listen to music and give it a spin!