On Most Recent Tour Dates, The New Up’s Live Performances Are Turning Heads

Maybe it comes down to experience. Maybe it comes down to the better quality of the rooms they’re playing. Perhaps it’s their kicked up lightshow or their intensity on stage? Or maybe it’s shear will, because something is happening to The New Up when they perform live: they are gelling and melting into a juggernaut on the big stage, pumping music into the air that is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Since the first show of their current tour in Oakland, CA on April 2nd, fans have been exclaiming after shows that they are by far the best TNU shows they’ve ever seen. Show-goers have frequently been heard exclaiming that they will “undoubtedly be coming back the next time the band comes to town” and that they “are going to tell everyone they know about The New Up and bring them to the next show”.

If you enjoy being moved from the inside out by music that infectiously forces you to move your body as you resonate with the subject matter of the songs, which hit the nail on the head of what it means to be alive in the world today, then you absolutely cannot miss The New Up when they come to your town. Dripping with feeling and oozing with musicianship, the music is practically painting the scenes of our lives on the walls of these concert houses. It’s safe to say that The New Up is destined for the biggest stages in music, and as cliched as it sounds, you really don’t want to miss the opportunity to have an intimate musical experience with one of the most powerfully moving live bands of this current musical landscape. Check out tour dates HERE and don’t miss them when they come to your town!