On Tour, The New Up Gets a Little Taste of Home at Local Atlanta Gem

From time to time you meet a kindred spirit, someone who you automatically connect with, and whose values you naturally seem to share, although you may have come from wildly different places. The New Up found that kindred spirit while touring through Atlanta, in locally renowned culinary delight Rise N Dine. Located near the campus of Emory University and ALWAYS packed, the folks at Rise N Dine took a shine to The New Up and the two socially minded, genuinely passionate fixtures of their respective communities became BFFs immediately. The mutual affection was more than political, though, as Rise N Dine exhibited a real affinity for The New Up’s music and message, and the food at Rise N Dine the morning after their show at Smith’s Olde Bar absolutely knocked The New Up’s socks off! This, folks, was a match made in heaven and was one of those chance encounters that ends in a friendship for life.

If you find yourself visiting Atlanta for whatever reason, or if you happen to live there and haven’t been lucky enough to eat there yet, you absolutely HAVE to go down to Rise N Dine and get some of those biscuits, eggs, freshly squeezed OJ, shortstacks, incredible deserts, and… OMG we have to stop now because our mouths are starting to water. Thanks Rise N Dine, for being one of those special places where community and amazing food truly come together in a perfect parfait.