Riff Magazine Feature Highlights the Process of Making “Tiny Mirrors”, Touts Oakland Show

Riff Magazine is a repository for all things musical in the Bay Area, and they were true to form as they got down, dirty, and deep with The New Up about their new album “Tiny Mirrors” in a new interview published in Riff’s latest issue. The interview documents the process of how the album unexpectedly became a political manifesto, noting that “The New Up tried to separate its music from the current political climate. After processing the songs and the purpose of the album, the duo knew what it was making precisely pertained to what was happening now.

The interview further explores how The New Up relates to the community where it lives – the Bay Area – and how their music is not only a reflection of what they say in their everyday life, but also how they hope that their music will reflect back on the community, and the larger global community. Riff writer Ruby Virchow aptly points out that “The New Up continues to push for stronger community growth and political knowledge throughout its musical journey.” You can check out the full review here.