Santa Cruz Site “Good Times” Spills Ink For Tiny Mirrors, Saturday’s Upcoming Show

In another well-written and insightful article about The New Up (written by accomplished writer Aaron Carnes), this week’s issue of local Santa Cruz journal ‘Good Times‘ previews the band’s upcoming show at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz on Saturday, and features a recent interview with E.S. Pitcher and Noah Reid (and unfortunately incorrectly notes them to be the only two members of the band) that discusses everything from the songwriting and album creation process to the subjects and soundscapes contained on ‘Tiny Mirrors‘. In the article Noah explains how he originally wrote the feature track on ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ – “Future Is Now” – (which the article refers to as having a “strong pop sensibility“) for a friend of a friend who was creating a new product and needed a jingle for the product launch. Although the product never launched, he ended up with a song that fit nicely on the new album, and ended up being one of the stronger tunes on the album.

E.S. discusses how the album came into fruition as the Trump era was coming into full swing, and how the metamorphosis of the two happened simultaneously without her or Noah being fully aware that that’s what was happening. One of the parts of the illuminating article that really captures the character of the album states “The arc of the record begins with different stories of people feeling lost and disconnected, and acting out in self-destructive ways. As it progresses, these extreme behaviors became normalized by society, and are reflected most heinously in the leaders.” Well said, Mr. Carnes. In a related part of the article, Noah notes that “The emotional tone of the music is not anything about a specific person, but the power structure that’s in place in our society, which is based on people wanting power, not on us progressing as a species.

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And of course, don’t forget to come join us for the show this weekend! There are limited tickets still available, which you can purchase here.