Tahoe Onstage Previews Reno Show at The Saint, Looks Deeper Into Meaning of “Tiny Mirrors”

In a new interview with Tim Parsons from Tahoe/Reno area news outlet Tahoe Onstage discussing the recording and content of their new album “Tiny Mirrors” and previewing the upcoming show on 4/21 at The Saint in Reno, The New Up gives some insight into the thinking behind the lyrical and musical content on the new album. The interview explains that the album’s “message is reflective, mirroring what was happening when the band members recorded the album“.  It goes on to ponder how, although the lyrics convey an ominous message about serious subject matter, “the music is light and airy, creating an ambiance of floating above the Earth or experiencing it in a daydream. This is one of those records that is more powerful with each listen.” Well gosh, thanks Mr. Parsons. The band is pretty stoked that people are digging it this much, and that the message is connecting with listeners in such a real and powerful way. Check out the full text of the interview and feature here.

The New Up plays The Saint this Friday, April 21st. If you live in the area or are just following The New Up on tour, the band looks forward to seeing you there with bells on!