The New Up Gets Love on SF’s Own “Live 105”

The New Up’s feature single, “Future Is Now” – from the forthcoming full length entitled “Tiny Mirrors” – aired on SF indie radio darling Aaron Axelsen’s Sunday night show, Soundcheck, last night. Known for breaking new bands nationally on the show, Axelsen introduced the song by noting that he had texted lead guitarist Noah Reid to see if he could drop a copy of the song by the studio on the night of the show. Axelsen quipped that he had “ordered new music delivery”, as well as “a side of fries and a shake” with the group’s new single.

The song fit well on the new music show, which has a reputation for highlighting up-and-coming artists in the vein of star-breaking stations like KEXP (Seattle) and KCRW (Santa Barbara), and is often the first to play artists that later become very well-known. At the close of this first Soundcheck show of 2017 Axelsen noted that it was the 19th year of the show – and that yes, this meant he hadn’t been home on a Sunday night in 19 years. Mr. Axelsen, you truly are a Saint to indie musicians and music lovers alike.