The New Up Puts Hilariously Bad Yelp Review of Live105’s Morning Show To Music

Fans of The New Up have gotten a sizable dose of the band’s serious side – diving into some of the most intense subject matter facing our world today on the latest album ‘Tiny Mirrors’, but many fans may not be aware that the band has a notoriously infectious and raunchy sense of humor, which they exercise regularly when they’re traveling on the road together. So when famed morning show host Kevin Klein from Bay Area alternative radio station Live105 recently asked The New Up for a hilarious favor – to put a bad yelp review of the show to music – the band was happy to oblige. While their music could never be characterized as “funny”, they reached into their gag bag to set the ridiculously shallow yelp review to music. The review read:

“I normally don’t write reviews but I can’t believe my ears
Kevin Klein live is the most offensive thing that I’ve heard in years
The man host insults everyone, the lady sounds plain dumb
Why can’t they focus on things I like, like the Kardashians

I would give them zero stars if only I could
It’s bad, the worst, trust me on this”