The New Up Rocks Smiley’s, Secret Show This Weekend

The New Up has been in the studio working their little fingers to the bone on a new record (as they used to call them), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting out of the studio here and there to do a show and spread the word about ‘Tiny Mirrors‘. This weekend finds them performing in 2 intimate shows that promise to be a lot of fun: A super secret backwards upside show on Friday night, presented by an organization called “Sofar Sounds“, and a Saturday night play at the sweetest little spot you’ve probably not been to yet: Smiley’s in Bolinas, CA.

Friday night’s show is so secret, they could tell you about but they’d have to kill you. 🙂 Seriously, though, “Sofar Sounds” is an organization that puts together intimate shows in people’s living rooms in cities all over the world, including San Francisco where Friday night’s show will take place. Basically, how it works is that you sign up for their fan list and then you put in a request to see a show on a certain night, not knowing which band you’ll see, or where you’ll see them until the night before the show. It’s a really cool idea and this will be The New Up’s second show with them, since the first one was so incredibly fun. You can find out more information about the organization and sign up to try to get tickets to the show by clicking here.

On Saturday night, if you’ve never been there, Smiley’s is an absolute gem in a coastal Northern California town that is so local they tear down the street signs to keep the tourists away. Officially labeled a “Schooner Saloon“, the venue’s compound lives up to the moniker, including a hotel that would have made people as diverse as Jacque Cousteau and Marilyn Monroe tickled fancy at the adorable rooms and sick seaside views. Literally single digit tickets are left, click here to get one so you can come enjoy in an unforgettable night.

The New Up family hopes you’re new year is starting off on the right foot, and we hope to celebrate with you this weekend at one or both of the band’s shows. Come get down with The New Up in a space where you can actually talk to the band after the set!