The New Up’s “Black Swan” Gets Love on UK’s Famed BBC


It’s safe to say that The New Up appreciates every single radio play that tracks from their latest release – ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ garners, and with all of the airplay the album has received there is an incredible amount to be grateful for! But when reports came in that The New Up‘s dark and brooding single “Black Swan” was being played on BBC Radio, that gave the band just a little bit of extra satisfaction. Getting their music in the ears of those many folks in the UK that will undoubtedly love what The New Up is doing is a major goal of the band, and receiving regular airplay on the BBC is certainly a big step in that direction.

If you want to hear any of the songs on The New Up‘s album ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ (especially singles like ‘Future Is Now‘, ‘Black Swan‘, ‘Almost Human’, ‘Falling From the Sky’, and ‘No Fly Zone’) on your local radio station, all you have to do is call your radio station and let them know that you want to hear it, and that you want to hear it often! Many people prefer not to listen to the radio and think it sucks because they just play the same songs over and over, but the reality is that they will play what their listeners want to hear. So if you and your fellow radio listeners call in and communicate to the station what it is that you wanna hear – including ‘Tiny Mirrors‘ – they will eventually listen and play what their listeners request. We the people still have the power! (At least when it comes to what we hear on the radio) Flex that power to the people muscle!