‘Tiny Mirrors’ Again Enters the Top 200 Charts

As a testament to the power of the music and lyrical content contained in Tiny Mirrors, The New Up’s sophomore release has again hit the NACC Top 200 chart. Several songs from the album have been back in heavy rotation on radio stations everywhere from New York to Alaska, Washington to Arkansas, and everywhere in between. The band is so proud that the songs have shown such longevity and that people around the U.S. seem to have picked up on the connections the music can make to thread together the seemingly disparate and sometimes opposing aspects of our lives.

In addition to hitting the top 200 charts nationally, songs from ‘Tiny Mirrors’ have reached #1 on the charts of individual radio stations around the country. That means these songs aren’t just capturing the imagination of listeners in these areas, it’s captivating them. Looks like there is a chance that, at least for some of us, tracks from ‘Tiny Mirrors’ may become the soundtrack of summer. And what a fitting time for that – the subject matter contained within these songs could not possibly be more germane to the political and social climate that we all find ourselves in.

If you want a soundtrack for your summer that will make you want to put the top down, crank up the tunes, and get that “school’s out for summer” feeling, give ‘Tiny Mirrors’ a listen and you’ll likely find more than a few candidates.

And for all of you out there in Colorado, we’ll see you later this month!

Stay tuned for some new music coming soon, as The New Up continues to work away in the studio…