“Tiny Mirrors” Garners Significant Airplay, Hits Charts Before It’s Even Released!

CMJ, which stands for College Media Journal, is the foremost keeper of new music charts for college, community, and AAA (Adult Album Alternative) radio airplay. Almost every one of these types of stations reports what they are playing, as well as how often they are playing it, to the CMJ. As a result, it is the most trusted and comprehensive music chart in the US, and The New Up is excited to report that their new album, Tiny Mirrors – slated for release on February 3rd – is debuting on the top 200 chart. What exactly does this mean? It means that the new album is getting a lot of radio airplay all over the US; on stations in cities, towns, and at colleges in every corner of the country. You can help to bump us up even higher on the charts by calling your favorite alternative radio station and demanding to hear The New Up’s new music!