Washington D.C. Tour Stop Featured In the Washington Post

There are some things in life that everyone can say they wouldn’t mind being a part of, and being considered the “thing to do” by the editorial staff of the Washington Post most certainly has to be one of them. Whether you agree or disagree with the political leanings and overall coverage of the world famous periodical, it’s certainly noteworthy to be featured so prominently in the paper’s entertainment section, where politics are mostly left at the front page of the section. For The New Up, it’s another example in a very long and involved string of coverage they’ve been getting, thanks to their new album “Tiny Mirrors” and the reputation they’ve been garnering for putting on an incredible live show as they’ve been touring across the country.

One thing is for sure: if you haven’t had the chance to check out their live show and they are coming to your town, you should most certainly take the Washington Post‘s advice and make it your “thing to do” that night. Don’t wait until the next tour to find out why critics are raving about The New Up’s live show, which has been electrifying crowds and bringing a mix of realism and fantasy to the concert stage. Find the article here, and find a full listing of tour dates here.