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Palace of Industrial Hope

Chief Recording/Mixing Engineer Jaimeson Durr
All Music Written by ES Pitcher, Noah Reid, Mark Schuh, Jack McFadden
Performed by ES Pitcher, Noah Reid, Mark Schuh, Jack McFadden, Rob Malesko, Hawk West
Produced by Jaimeson Durr & The New Up
Mastered by John Cuniberti at Plant Studios
Artwork Joel Barber

The New Up is:

Vocals & Guitars ES Pitcher, Noah Reid, Mark Schuh
Synths Mark Schuh, Rob Malesko
Flute Hawk West
Horns Thomas Trono, Charlie “T-Bone” Wilson
Bass Mark Schuh, Noah Reid, Rob Malesko
Drums Jack McFadden
Percussion Jack McFadden, ES Pitcher
Backup Vocals Jack McFadden, Noah Reid, Rob Malesko

Recorded/Mixed at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA
All songs copyright Evil Cherise Publishing

Track Listing:
1) Arkansas
2) Traffic
3) Rose Colored Shades
4) Benny Hinn
5) In the Next Life…
6) Five Thousand Twenty Three
7) Chewbacca’s Garden
8) Rash
9) Undertow
10) Skylight
11) Tropical Soda
12) Ellipsis

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