New East Coast Tour Dates Announced!

The New Up announced more US tour dates today, this time taking them from Atlanta, GA all the way up to Newmarket, NH. It’s been a minute since they toured on the East Coast, so they are very excited to come back out for a visit! It’s worth noting that they are a completely different band then they were the last time they graced the right coast, so expect to see a show that is several levels above anything you’ve seen from them in the past. They’ll be playing songs from their new album, “Tiny Mirrors”, which if you haven’t heard it yet, you should check out why critics are calling it “an incredible record with tons to say”, “rating: badass”,  and “the band’s fans are in for quite a treat”.

Full listing of tour dates can be found at

The New Up gears up for Oakland Show, West Coast Tour

In these dog days of winter as some of us are gearing up for epic blizzards, while others are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures, there’s one place that promises to heat up like the wildfires of California, and that’s The New Parish in Oakland on April 2nd. The New Up’s old friends The Slants, who are currently embroiled in a supreme court battle over their first amendment right to name themselves whatever they want, put on one hell of a show and will join The New Up on stage that evening. If you don’t already have your tickets, make sure you get yours here, as this one is close to selling out!

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for The New Up’s subsequent West Coast run of shows in April. No matter where you are on the West Coast, if you live anywhere up and down the 1293 mile coastline, The New Up is likely to be within a short drive at some point in April. Click here for the full tour itinerary. And stay tuned as East Coast dates are just about to be announced, which will take The New Up all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Maine on a tour that will celebrate the release of their new full-length, “Tiny Mirrors”.

The New Up Continues to Gain More Radio Exposure in the UK

The UK continues to get to know The New Up as the new album gets more and more airplay across the pond and across the UK. With the rich musical history and traditions of the UK, it’s no wonder they would pick up on the diverse and visceral musings of the new album, “Tiny Mirrors”. If you live in the UK and you want to hear a little taste of the new album, be sure to call your favorite radio station and request The New Up’s music. They surely will have a copy on hand by now!

And to all of you in the UK who have already supported the band, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that we’re just getting started when it comes to getting to know each other, and if all goes according to plan we wanna come pay you a visit as soon as possible!

UK’s Premier League Football Loves The New Up’s Music

As the March 31st UK/EU release date quickly approaches, The New Up’s new album “Tiny Mirrors” has been garnering airplay in many corners of the UK, including over the PA during UK’s football powerhouse Premiere League games. For those diehard football fans who also love good alternative electro rock, keep your ears glued to the music playing during these games, whether you’re at the game or watching on the tele. And if you don’t hear our music there and you want to, all of the stadiums have a copy of the new album so let them know on social media you want them to play it!

Noisepop Performance Propels The New Up Deep Into SF’s Indie Music Scene

If you weren’t at The New Up’s set at Noisepop on Friday, boy did you miss out on a great show! Called by many fans the “best show The New Up has ever performed”, they played several songs from their latest offering, “Tiny Mirrors”. As the band continues to make waves in the local SF scene, they also enjoy great leaps on the national scene as well, with the new album landing them their second top 200 college charts release.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience The New Up’s live performance yet, it’s not a bad idea to hop on the band’s email list and check them out while you can still see them in an intimate venue. There are more exciting shows to be announced, including a killer show in SF in June that will be a hot ticket indeed. More details to follow…stay tuned! And don’t forget, you can always drop the band a line by email at band at thenewup dot com, or hit them up on social media if you want to ask them any questions, tell them what you’re thinking about, or just show us what you’ve been up to yourself! They love hearing from fans, friends, and family alike.

New West Coast Tour Dates Announced, East Coast Tour Dates Coming Soon, See You At Noisepop Tonight

Today The New Up officially announced several tour dates that will take them up and down the West Coast, with several more tour dates that will take them all along the Eastern seaboard to be announced in the next few weeks. If you haven’t seen The New Up live, you’ll want to make it a point to find out why critics are saying “The New Up’s live sound is just as impressive, if not more so than their recorded tracks”, and that they have an “electric stage presence”. The band will be playing songs from the new album, “Tiny Mirrors”, and you’ll be able to get our hands on merch that is sold exclusively at shows.

The band has exclaimed their excitement at getting back out on the road and connecting with fans in a much more physical and emotional way, proclaiming that “they want to see YOU out there in the crowd”. These are the most current tour dates, and you can find more information at

2/24/17 | Rickshaw Stop w/ Rogue Wave, The Middle Kids, Aaron Axelsen | San Francisco, CA
4/2/17 | New Parish w/ the Slants and Rainbow Girls | Oakland, CA
4/14/17 | Escondite | Los Angeles, CA
4/15/17 | Mercury Lounge | Santa Barbara, CA
4/16/17 | The Holding Company | San Diego, CA (Special early 6p Easter show)
4/21/17 | The Saint w/ The Lost Ones and The Grimtones | Reno, NV
4/22/17 | The Crepe Place | Santa Cruz, CA
4/27/17 | Jambalaya | Arcata, CA
4/28/17 | Kelly’s Olympian | Portland, OR
4/29/17 | Axe and Fiddle | Eugene, OR
4/30/17 | High Dive | Seattle, WA

So be sure to catch the band when they’re in your back yard, and don’t forget to go check out an entire amazing night of music tonight at the Rickshaw Stop tonight, where the 25th Anniversary Noisepop Festival is going to be popping off!

Heavy Demand For “Tiny Mirrors” on Radio Stations Across the US and UK

The New Up’s new album, “Tiny Mirrors” continues to build momentum in the band’s hometown and beyond in its first few weeks in the stratosphere, with fans calling into radio stations all across the country and demanding to hear cuts from the new album. Live 105, SF’s hottest alternative radio station, even commented in a tweet alerting the public that they were playing “Future Is Now” that there were “hella requests for that one from @thenewup”. You know it’s serious (and California)  when they use the word “hella”…LOL. All of YOU, the people that are engaged with The New Up’s music and message, are getting noticed by the gatekeepers of popular music! You deserve it.

Amazing work – keep it going strong!

The New Up To Announce US Spring Tour Dates Up and Down East and West Coasts

News is waiting in the wings about a new tour that will take The New Up from San Diego to Seattle and Atlanta to Portland, Maine. West Coast dates in April will soon be announced, and East Coast dates in May will follow soon after. Stay tuned to the band’s website and social media pages, as well as popular show posting sites like pollstar, jambase, etc., over the next 2 weeks for official announcements about dates and locations. The New Up is excited to bring the new album “Tiny Mirrors” to a stage near you on a tour that promises to electrify and inspire you.

And of course, don’t forget about the Noisepop show at the Rickshaw Stop this Friday night, as well as an upcoming show with the Slants at the New Parish in April.

“Tiny Mirrors” Gets Radio Airplay All Across United Kingdom In Advance of 3/31 Release

The first reports are in for the campaign to spread the word about The New Up’s new album across the pond and the survey says: It’s a hit! Interviews and feature articles that will be coming out in the UK over the next few weeks dovetail nicely with radio airplay that’s been happening across the country to reveal a picture of a band that’s not only starting to heat up in the US, but is now starting to gain traction overseas as well. “Tiny Mirrors” is out in the UK on March 31st, but of course you can get an advance copy on our website here – as many in the UK have already done.

Noisepop Performance at Rickshaw Stop Sells Out Amidst Excitement About The New Up’s New Album

As the new album Tiny Mirrors continues to perk ears, turn heads, and win hearts the hotly anticipated Noisepop set for the band has sold out in expedient fashion. Noisepop is known for its top quality lineups, and this night promises to be no different. Hopefully you were able to get tickets to the show, but if not come join the band at The New Parish in Oakland on April 2nd with The Slants, of supreme court fame. You can buy tickets here.

Audiofemme Article Says ‘Tiny Mirrors’ Is “A Perfect Reflection of Both Turmoil and Hope”

Audiofemme, which is a very cool site where “women write about music and culture” (f@$k yeah!), recently interviewed The New Up and also had some very beautiful and thought-provoking things to say about the new album. The article so incredibly aptly states that “music can be a powerful tool to help articulate our feelings and emotions when we find ourselves unable to do so”, and goes on to say that “that’s exactly what this album does”. The interview covers a range of topics from the inspiration behind the album and what the band hopes listeners take away from it, to what the band’s plan for the future is. Check out this very well-written article here. Happy reading…


Need we say more? This is obviously an interview that you must read. ES Pitcher and Noah Reid give an in-depth look into how the band formed, the meaning behind the songs on “Tiny Mirrors“, the recording process, inspirations behind the music, and yes – even the fact that they’ve eaten donuts shaped like a cock and balls. Read the entire interview here.

Philadelphia Music Mag “That Mag” Calls New Album Tiny Mirrors “Bad Ass”

As the release of “Tiny Mirrors” is upon us, so are more complimentary reviews that shed more insight on what the album has to offer listeners. In the latest ink that’s been spilled for the new record, That Mag reflects on the sounds on the album by noting that it “blends the intense rock ‘n roll of Muse and the electronics of Phantogram”. The review goes on to say that “The New Up has created an incredible record with tons to say”, and that “the production, arrangements and lyrics throughout the album create a package from start to finish that really spells out success for the duo from here on out.” Well, the band sincerely appreciates these kind words and we think That Mag is pretty awesome, too! Check out the full review here.

New Album “Tiny Mirrors” Officially Released, Continues to Garner Glowing Reviews and Radio Play…

After much fanfare and anticipation, critical acclaim and extensive radio airplay, The New Up is proud to finally release their latest offering, Tiny Mirrors, to music fans in the US. Slated for release in the UK and EU in March, the new album features 12 songs, as well as a foreboding intro that sets the tone for the album, and 3 interludes that tie the metaphorical room together like the rug in The Big Lebowski.

Tiny Mirrors has been getting airplay on radio stations all across the US, and continues to get love in the press – with a new glowing review coming out almost daily. The video for the song Black Swan was just featured in an excellent article on SF blog (click on the link to view the video and the review), and Philadelphia music blog and cultural staple “That Mag” gave the new album some serious love in an article released today, which you can view here. The article concludes by noting that “The New Up has created an incredible record with tons to say in Tiny Mirrors. The production, arrangements and lyrics throughout the album create a package from start to finish that really spells out success for the duo from here on out.”

And finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this album possible, it’s been a life-changing journey so far, and we’re just getting started! You can find the new album on itunes, amazon music, all the streaming music services, and anywhere online where music can be found. You can also purchase a download or CD of the album on our website by going here.

Don’t forget that this is not an end, but a beginning. Call your radio station and request the songs be played, spread the word on social media, tell your co-workers around the coffee machine, and go shout it out to the world on the street…let’s get this thing out into the world!!!! <3  xoxo

New Album “Tiny Mirrors” Continues to Climb College Charts in Advance of Release on Friday

The CMJ top 200 music charts, which is the preeminent college music chart, released new chart positions this week and showed that “Tiny Mirrors” – The New Up’s new album that is slated for release this Friday, jumped up 30 positions on the top 200 chart. The buzz surrounding this release is growing to a fever pitch, and critical acclaim in the form of glowing write-ups continue to come out in support of the new album daily.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can do it now here before it’s released, exclusively through this website! Keep on calling your local radio stations and requesting that songs from the new album be played, and you could be playing a key role in truly pushing The New Up to the next level. And if you’ve been doing your part already, we thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts and souls. In the meantime, enjoy the new album and let it connect with these crazy days in our world as they relate to your own daily life. This is the soundtrack to your revolution!!

SF Sonic Feature’s Interview With The New Up About New Album “Tiny Mirrors”

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about what inspired The New Up to write Tiny Mirrors, including some of their musical inspirations and where the album was recorded, you can read about it in a new SF Sonic feature here. The interview also asks the band about how they formed, and explores the reasons behind why the band decided to work with producer Jack Frost, who was integral to their new sound. Tiny Mirrors is due for release this Friday, you can pre-order here now!

“Tiny Mirrors” Garners Significant Airplay, Hits Charts Before It’s Even Released!

CMJ, which stands for College Media Journal, is the foremost keeper of new music charts for college, community, and AAA (Adult Album Alternative) radio airplay. Almost every one of these types of stations reports what they are playing, as well as how often they are playing it, to the CMJ. As a result, it is the most trusted and comprehensive music chart in the US, and The New Up is excited to report that their new album, Tiny Mirrors – slated for release on February 3rd – is debuting on the top 200 chart. What exactly does this mean? It means that the new album is getting a lot of radio airplay all over the US; on stations in cities, towns, and at colleges in every corner of the country. You can help to bump us up even higher on the charts by calling your favorite alternative radio station and demanding to hear The New Up’s new music!

New Single “No Fly Zone” and Yolo Brewery Performance Reviews Say Nice Things About Us…

The press continues to shower praise on The New Up not only for singles from their upcoming release “Tiny Mirrors” (release date 2/3/17) , but also for their “electric stage presence” when performing live. Grateful Web, who reviewed a recent performance at West Sacramento’s Yolo Brewing Co., proclaims in their review that The New Up’s “live sound is just as impressive, if not more so their recorded tracks.” Catch the whole review, as well as some cool pictures, here.

In addition, a super cool and creative blog, “Diandra Reviews It All” spilled some proverbial ink for the newly (and softly – as in only streaming on soundcloud at the moment) released single “No Fly Zone”. The well-crafted review cleverly notes that ES Pitcher’s voice “has a phenomenal range that she casually scores through the song to show off her boredom with being bored.” Diandra reveals her glorious inner workings in the humbly creative review, perceptively and inquisitively noting that “”No Fly Zone” is the stirring of listeners’ spirits to break apathy, and combat the exhaustion that can overtake a person when they see the irrational constructs of humankind, especially when its comes to borders. Read the entire review here.

View The New Up’s Performances on Sacramento TV Station Fox 40’s Morning Show

The New Up frontpersons ES Pitcher and Noah Reid performed segments of their new singles “Black Swan” and “Future Is Now” on Sacramento TV station Fox 40’s Morning Show. If you’re not a morning person (which The New Up certainly usually isn’t) or you just missed it, check it out below.

In addition, after the on-air performances ES Pitcher and Noah Reid performed a special Facebook Live version of Green Candle -on the new album but not yet released – which you can view below.

The New Up To Perform on Morning Show on Sacramento TV Station Fox 40


On Wednesday (1/18/17) ES Pitcher and Noah Reid will be interviewed about their new album, Tiny Mirrors (slated for release on February 3rd), and will perform songs from the new album live on the Morning Show on Sacramento’s Fox 40. If you live in the area you can tune in on your TV around 9:30 am, or if you don’t live in Sacramento you can check it out live online at the same time by clicking here.