New Album “Tiny Mirrors” Continues to Climb College Charts in Advance of Release on Friday

The CMJ top 200 music charts, which is the preeminent college music chart, released new chart positions this week and showed that “Tiny Mirrors” – The New Up’s new album that is slated for release this Friday, jumped up 30 positions on the top 200 chart. The buzz surrounding this release is growing to a fever pitch, and critical acclaim in the form of glowing write-ups continue to come out in support of the new album daily.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can do it now here before it’s released, exclusively through this website! Keep on calling your local radio stations and requesting that songs from the new album be played, and you could be playing a key role in truly pushing The New Up to the next level. And if you’ve been doing your part already, we thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts and souls. In the meantime, enjoy the new album and let it connect with these crazy days in our world as they relate to your own daily life. This is the soundtrack to your revolution!!

SF Sonic Feature’s Interview With The New Up About New Album “Tiny Mirrors”

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about what inspired The New Up to write Tiny Mirrors, including some of their musical inspirations and where the album was recorded, you can read about it in a new SF Sonic feature here. The interview also asks the band about how they formed, and explores the reasons behind why the band decided to work with producer Jack Frost, who was integral to their new sound. Tiny Mirrors is due for release this Friday, you can pre-order here now!

“Tiny Mirrors” Garners Significant Airplay, Hits Charts Before It’s Even Released!

CMJ, which stands for College Media Journal, is the foremost keeper of new music charts for college, community, and AAA (Adult Album Alternative) radio airplay. Almost every one of these types of stations reports what they are playing, as well as how often they are playing it, to the CMJ. As a result, it is the most trusted and comprehensive music chart in the US, and The New Up is excited to report that their new album, Tiny Mirrors – slated for release on February 3rd – is debuting on the top 200 chart. What exactly does this mean? It means that the new album is getting a lot of radio airplay all over the US; on stations in cities, towns, and at colleges in every corner of the country. You can help to bump us up even higher on the charts by calling your favorite alternative radio station and demanding to hear The New Up’s new music!

New Single “No Fly Zone” and Yolo Brewery Performance Reviews Say Nice Things About Us…

The press continues to shower praise on The New Up not only for singles from their upcoming release “Tiny Mirrors” (release date 2/3/17) , but also for their “electric stage presence” when performing live. Grateful Web, who reviewed a recent performance at West Sacramento’s Yolo Brewing Co., proclaims in their review that The New Up’s “live sound is just as impressive, if not more so their recorded tracks.” Catch the whole review, as well as some cool pictures, here.

In addition, a super cool and creative blog, “Diandra Reviews It All” spilled some proverbial ink for the newly (and softly – as in only streaming on soundcloud at the moment) released single “No Fly Zone”. The well-crafted review cleverly notes that ES Pitcher’s voice “has a phenomenal range that she casually scores through the song to show off her boredom with being bored.” Diandra reveals her glorious inner workings in the humbly creative review, perceptively and inquisitively noting that “”No Fly Zone” is the stirring of listeners’ spirits to break apathy, and combat the exhaustion that can overtake a person when they see the irrational constructs of humankind, especially when its comes to borders. Read the entire review here.

View The New Up’s Performances on Sacramento TV Station Fox 40’s Morning Show

The New Up frontpersons ES Pitcher and Noah Reid performed segments of their new singles “Black Swan” and “Future Is Now” on Sacramento TV station Fox 40’s Morning Show. If you’re not a morning person (which The New Up certainly usually isn’t) or you just missed it, check it out below.

In addition, after the on-air performances ES Pitcher and Noah Reid performed a special Facebook Live version of Green Candle -on the new album but not yet released – which you can view below.

The New Up To Perform on Morning Show on Sacramento TV Station Fox 40


On Wednesday (1/18/17) ES Pitcher and Noah Reid will be interviewed about their new album, Tiny Mirrors (slated for release on February 3rd), and will perform songs from the new album live on the Morning Show on Sacramento’s Fox 40. If you live in the area you can tune in on your TV around 9:30 am, or if you don’t live in Sacramento you can check it out live online at the same time by clicking here.

New Single “Future Is Now” Continues to Get Love From Hometown Radio Station Live 105

While singles from The New Up’s forthcoming album, “Tiny Mirrors“, have been garnering some impressive airplay at stations all across the US and in the UK, there’s nothing more meaningful than hearing their music in the town that has loved them since the start – San Francisco. Aaron Axelsen, tastemaking host of SF’s staple radio station Live 105 continues to spin “Future Is Now” on his Sunday night show “Soundcheck“, the first single released from the band’s sincerely heartfelt and gritty new album. If you missed it, be sure to call the station and request that they play the song again.

25th Annual Noisepop Fest Announces The New Up at Rickshaw Stop with Rogue Wave and Middle Kids

The New Up is excited to announce that they have been chosen as one of the artists for a very special 25th anniversary Noisepop Festival, one of the most iconic festivals put on in San Francisco each year. Appearing on the bill with The New Up on Friday, February 24th is another SF shining star, Rogue Wave, who have promised an all 80’s set. Middle Kids, who hail from Australia will also share the stage that night. The show starts at 9p, and you don’t want to miss a single minute of this very powerful triple bill! Tickets are guaranteed to sell out well before the date of the show, so get tickets now here to avoid being shut out of the show.

New Single “No Fly Zone” Debuts on Substream Magazine

New songs from the forthcoming album, “Tiny Mirrors” (due for official release in the US on 2/3/17 and in the UK/EU on 3/17/17), continued to get love online and in the press, with their latest single – “No Fly Zone” – getting exclusive debut love on Substream Magazine’s online publication. The wonderful folks at Substream wrote “Bringing to mind acts like Morcheeba, Shiny Toy Guns, and Blonde Redhead, The New Up is a new favorite on our list of bands to keep an eye on and we suspect they might land on a similar list of yours.”

You can check out the full review and listen to the single HERE.

The New Up Gets Love on SF’s Own “Live 105”

The New Up’s feature single, “Future Is Now” – from the forthcoming full length entitled “Tiny Mirrors” – aired on SF indie radio darling Aaron Axelsen’s Sunday night show, Soundcheck, last night. Known for breaking new bands nationally on the show, Axelsen introduced the song by noting that he had texted lead guitarist Noah Reid to see if he could drop a copy of the song by the studio on the night of the show. Axelsen quipped that he had “ordered new music delivery”, as well as “a side of fries and a shake” with the group’s new single.

The song fit well on the new music show, which has a reputation for highlighting up-and-coming artists in the vein of star-breaking stations like KEXP (Seattle) and KCRW (Santa Barbara), and is often the first to play artists that later become very well-known. At the close of this first Soundcheck show of 2017 Axelsen noted that it was the 19th year of the show – and that yes, this meant he hadn’t been home on a Sunday night in 19 years. Mr. Axelsen, you truly are a Saint to indie musicians and music lovers alike.

ES Pitcher Breaks Down Process of Writing New Single, “Falling From the Sky”, in Feature


Singer of The New Up, ES Pitcher opens up about the songwriting process and inspiration behind the writing and recording of the new single, “Falling From the Sky” – from The New Up’s forthcoming album “Tiny Mirrors” – in a new feature. The song touches on political and social issues facing everyday members of society in many Western countries, and ES Pitcher’s words offer a sober mix of reality and hope in her guest feature, which can be read here.

The New Up Releases New Single, “Falling From the Sky”

The New Up released another single today, entitled “Falling From the Sky”, from their forthcoming album “Tiny Mirrors”, which is due for release in the US on February 3rd and in the UK/EU on March 17th. The track was released exclusively on popular Brooklyn music site Pancakes and Whiskey, who noted that Falling From the Sky is “…the perfect tune for those who like a strong rock tune that pushes and pulls all the right pop buttons, all while having a DIY attitude.” Read the entire exclusive release article here.

You can hear the track here, or stream it below. And don’t forget: if you dig it be sure to share it with everyone you know online on social media, by email, two cups and a string, or carrier pigeon!

The New Up Plays a Benefit Concert In Oakland For the Ghostship Fire


On Thursday, December 15th Oakland locals Felsen and Riot Professor will join forces with The New Up for a benefit concert at the Night Light in Oakland to raise money for the arts community and the families of the victims of the Ghostship fire. All proceeds from the concert will go to the cause, and those who are unable to attend are encouraged to donate here.

Let this tragedy be a sad reminder and a motivation to us all to be vigilant about supporting the arts community in the ever shrinking creative communities that were once so vibrant in the Bay Area’s wonderful cities.

The New Up Announces Release Date for Tiny Mirrors, New Tour Dates

The New Up’s sophomore offering, Tiny Mirrors, has been scheduled for release in the US, UK, and EU on February 3rd, 2017. Check back on the website, or on social media for tour dates and locations, with more to be announced in the weeks to come.

Tiny Mirrors Tour Announcement

Tiny Mirrors Tour Announcement

New December 2016 Tour Dates Announced!

2017 tour dates, including East Coast dates, to be announced very soon…stay tuned!

UK Exclusive “Future Is Now” Video Released

But never fear, it looks just as good if you view it anywhere else in the world! Check it out here.

Black Swan Video Premieres Exclusively on Crave Magazine in the UK

We got some love in the UK, check it out here:


Our new single “Black Swan” is now available to download via iTunes.


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We’re excited to announce that our brand new single ‘Future Is Now’ Is available to download today from iTunes!

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Don’t forget to check out the video below!

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Do you have a favorite band that you think is the bees knees, but they don’t get the attention you think they deserve and you’d like to help them rise to fame but you’re not sure how? Perhaps you saw them at a club opening for another well-known band you love, or you saw them at a local show playing right after your friends band. Maybe you heard them on a local radio show, or your friend turned you onto them and you’ve been trying to spread the gospel ever since. It’s not surprising; these days, because there are so many choices of what to listen to on platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, etc., it’s difficult to figure out who the great bands out there are. Make no mistake that there are legions of great bands and artists out there that most of us haven’t heard of, and chances are pretty good you’ve got at least one in mind that you love.

A lot of us are under the impression that bands are just “found” somehow, and then turned into stars overnight by some industry big whig that loves what they do, because that’s the glamorized story that the big 4 corporate record labels (Sony, Universal, EMI and Warner) want you to believe. While that is certainly the case for some artists, the vast majority go through a much longer and laborious process on their way up the ladder of fame. Behind most artists that achieve national and international recognition is what is and has always been the most important aspect of an artist’s career: an army of motivated and ravenous fans that are adamant about the artist receiving recognition from those in the industry. These fans will often stop at nothing to make sure that the wider world pays attention to their favorite artists, and they have a few tricks up their sleeves that they use to get it done.

Remember, if you’re totally turned on by this artist, chances are that there are others out there that feel the same way and are doing the same types of things to bring the artist to prominence. Together, you can do it! With that being said, it’s time to jump to action with some simple and quick ways to get your favorite artists seen and heard by the masses!

  1. Call up your local college, community or commercial radio station and request that they play the artists’ music. This is something you can do as many times as you want, and the more you request it the more likely they are to find it and check it out, if they don’t know it already, and play it on their station.
  2. Post about the artists you love on other music blogs, like the one you’re reading right now! People who love music read music blogs and the people that write music blogs check out the artists that people talk about on their blogs. Just adding their name to the conversation goes a long way towards moving them into the American musical psyche, and chances are that someone will see your post, check the artist out, and then tell someone else who will in turn tell someone else.
  3. Mention the artist on facebook, twitter, or other social networking platforms you are on. This is super easy and quick and not only lets others know about the band through a conversation on social networking, it also increases the bands visibility on the internet in general. The more a band is discussed on social media, the more they show up in search results when people search for topics that relate to music and artists like the ones you love, and the more they show up in other people’s social media posts.
  4. Play the artists music on streaming music platforms you use to listen to other, mainstream music. Search for the artist on Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, or where ever else you stream music and if they have music available to stream, play it often. Admittedly, if you pay for the service then this one is not technically free, however, you don’t have to pay anything additional out of pocket over what you pay to listen to all of the other music on that platform. In addition to getting a little compensation for your spin, the band also raises their visibility profile on that streaming music site and will come up in searches for music in their genres. If they get enough spins, they may even get a feature on the sites featured music list, or in another highly visible area on their website somewhere.
  5. Tell your other friends who love music about the artist during casual conversation! I know this one seems obvious, but a lot of people forget to tell their friends when they are excited about an artist they’ve recently discovered. Face-to-face word of mouth is still the one of the best ways to start a groundswell of recognition of an up-and-coming artist, and many bands still become famous largely because people talked about them around the water cooler.

You may already be a seasoned and dedicated music fan that has been a part of a movement that has brought one of your favorite bands to the fore (and you may not even know it!). If you have ever done one of these things and can share your experience, or if you have some tricks up your sleeve that aren’t on this list that you want to share with other music fans so they can help their favorite artist move to that next level in the American musical lexicon, we want to hear from you! Feel free to share your advice, experiences, failures, and just plain old great stories about supporting your favorite artists.